How much does tutoring cost?

The Reading & Learning Clinic fees vary per hour for services provided by the Center. Fee reduction opportunities are available to those families that have multiple students attending the Center as well as students coming for multiple sessions per week. Also some families might qualify for reduction in costs based on the availability of scholarship funds. Please inquire regarding our scholarship funds if you have questions or think you might qualify.

Who can receive tutoring?

We tutor students ages 6-17 in grades kindergarten through 12th grade in high school.  We tutor students in all subject areas including reading, writing, math and science. We even tutor higher-level math and science courses such as Calculus and Statistics along with Biology and Chemistry. We also tutor high school students preparing for the SAT and ACT college preparatory exams.

How often can we meet?

Tutoring can take place as often as you wish; taking your study needs into full consideration. We recommend that tutoring take place once a week for all new students. Some students come twice a week; one session for reading and one session for math.

Can I start right away?

Once we have received your completed Tutor Request Form and given us any current paperwork, we select from our available tutors to find a match for your child which will meet their needs best. You can choose the day and time that works best for your schedule.

What group programs do you offer?

Summer Reading, Writing, Study Skills and Math Classes FSA Reading, Writing, Math and Science Classes ACT/SAT Prep Classes Kindergarten Classes Elementary & Middle school enrichment classes

How does your Individual Tutoring program work?

The program is designed around the needs of your child. we test your child in their first session to see their areas of need and weaknesses. Then we design the program to meet those needs of the child in a specified time frame and manner accepted by the parents.

Is there a requirement on how many sessions you have to take for One-on-One Tutoring?

We design the program around the needs of the child so there can be as few as 2 sessions for kids just needing assistance with a specific exam or test. It can be a few months for those students needing help for the FSA exams. or it can be the entire school-year or calendar year for those parents looking for year-round services for their child. We tailor our services to meet your desires and the child’s needs.

How do I register for Group Classes or Individual tutoring?

Registration can be done in person at the center or over the phone. Coming soon you will be able to register online as well.

Do I have to pay in advance when registering for Group Classes or Individual Tutoring?

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required when registering for one of our group classes.  For individual tutoring the first session needs to be paid for in advance. After that payment for each individual tutoring session can be paid the day or night of the lesson. Credit card information is required at the time of registration for a new student and will be stored at the center even if cash payments are the usual mode of payment.

What are the costs of the Tutoring Services?

$50/1 hour individual tutoring
$49/1 hour individual tutoring (for 2 students from same family)
$48/1 hour individual tutoring (for 3 or more students from same family)

$49/1 hour individual tutoring (2 hours per week)
$48/1 hour individual tutoring (3 hours or more per week)
Group class prices will vary dependent on type of class, sessions and hours
it meets.

Who are the Tutors that my child will be working with? Are they actual teachers?

All staff members are either current certified teachers or retired certified teachers that work or worked in Broward or Palm Beach school system.

What is the Cancellation Policy for cancelling an Individual Tutoring Session?

For a scheduled individual one-on-one tutoring session a cancellation must be made by 12pm the day of the lesson unless an emergency situation has occurred for the child or the family. Otherwise the stored credit card on file will be charged the tutoring session rate if the lesson has not be cancelled by 12pm.